Amsterdam Acrylic Colour Textile Paint Bottles 50 ml


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Amsterdam Textile paint is the perfect choice if you are painting on cotton, linen and other mixed fibers. We offer you a choice of 30?transparent and 10?opaque colors, including a highly opaque white???the ideal color to use on dark textiles. The colors are retained, even after frequent washing, and the textiles will stay soft to the touch. Fixate your work by ironing the back side of the fabric for 3 minutes. After fixating the painted fabrics can be washed according to the washing instructions with a maximum of 60?C.

Available in 40 colors.
The range consists of opaque and transparent colors.


Antique Gold, Black, Black Opaque, Blue Violet, Blue Violet Opaque, Bordeaux, Bottle Green, Bright Red, Bright Red Opaque, Cobalt Blue, Fuschia, Gold, Gold Yellow, Gold Yellow Opaque, Havana Brown, Honey, Olive Green, Orange, Orange Opaque, Oriental Red, Provence Yellow, Purple, Reflex Green, Reflex Orange, Reflex Rose, Reflex Yellow, Sienna, Silver, Sky Blue, Sky Blue Opaque, Spring Green, Spring Green Opaque, Terra, Terra Opaque, Turquoise Green, Turquoise Opaque, White, White Opaque, Yellow Ochre


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