Gogh Oil Colour Advanced Set with 10 Colours in 20ml Tube + Accessories


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When looking for a better oil colour, this Dutch-crafted Van Gogh range is for you. A buttery oil that features excellent tinting strength, a high level of pigmentation for intense colours, a uniform degree of gloss and thickness amongst colours, and good to excellent lightfastness ratings. Easy to mix and use. These oils are great for beginners, students in advanced studies, and working artists. This combination set includes 10x20ml tubes in the following general colour selection: Titanium White (105), Azo Yellow Light (268), Azo Yellow Deep (270), Azo Red Medium (393), Quinacridone Rose (366), Ultramarine (504), Cerulean Blue Phthalo (535), Permanent Green Deep (619), Burnt Umber (409), Ivory Black (701). This combi box set also includes: Talens 75ml painting medium, a flat Chungking hog bristle artist brush (size 8), a round Chungking hog bristle artist paint brush (size 4), and a double palette cup.


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