Gogh Oil Colour Tins 500 ml


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Lance: ?I have been painting since I was a child. My mother is an artist and encouraged me to paint, about which I am still very grateful. Due to my busy life my painting had to take a back seat, but when I was 40 and achieved everything that I had wanted to achieve, I decided to focus completely on painting. I wanted to share my art, my vision, with the world.

Just enjoy myself painting
When I started I deliberately did not give myself any objectives, apart from working hard, learning a lot and not worrying what others may think. I just want to enjoy myself painting!

My uniqueness
My uniqueness comes from simply being myself. I use those colours that arise within me and let the palette knife move, following my emotions at the time. I let my thoughts go where they want to. I always say the finished painting is already on that blank canvas, it just uses my hands and eyes to reveal itself to the world. It has its own life!?


Ivory Black, Titanium White, Titanium White (Linseed Oil), Zinc White


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