Kak?no is a delightful, new fountain pen that is ideal for both first time fountain pen users and experienced writers. Everyone can enjoy writing with a Kak?no fountain pen. “Kak?no” means “to write” in Japanese, and that’s just what this pen helps users to do by featuring an appealing smiley face on the nib, when oriented upward, ensures perfect nib orientation. The pastel capped white barrel pens feature the Fine Nib (with a winking smiley face) while the primary color capped gray barrel options feature the Medium Nib (with a traditional smiley face). Indentations in the cap make it easy to grasp when uncapping the pen. The cap and body are hexagonal, similar to the classic wooden pencil, so that the pen is comfortable to hold and doesn’t roll away. Novices will soon be on their way to becoming seasoned fountain pen users, and seasoned users will enjoy the fun, exuberant writing the Kakuno fountain pen delivers

  • Kak?no pastel capped white barrel pens available in Pink, Purple and Turquoise (Fine Nib
  • Kak?no primary color capped gray barreled options available in Red, Lime and Blue (Medium Nib)
  • Available with Black Ink (refillable)
  • Kak?no is made from 85% recycled content



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