UHU MULTI PURPOSE ADHESIVE twist & glue solvent free

UHU Multi Purpose Adhesive twist & glue solvent free, the crystal-clear multi-purpose adhesive in a handy and soft bottle. Unique 3-position twist-applicator for gluing of dots, lines and surfaces. Ideal for a wide range of applications at home , at the office, at school and kindergarten, for craftwork and modelling, etc. Can be washed out with soap. UHU Multi Purpose Adhesive twist & glue solvent free makes gluing easy and is tested dermatologically. Its unique bottle is easily refillable.

Container Content
Bottle 40g
Bottle 100g
Refill bottle 850g
Refill Cannister 5kg
Package Refill bottles 5 Refill bottles, 20 empty bottles
Package Refill cannister 1 Refill cannister, 25 empty bottles


Universal – glues cardboard, paper, felt, leather, cork, fabrics, wood among themselves and to metal, porcelain, glass, Styrofoam? and many plastic materials. Not suitable for photos, PE and PP.

Use and Handling Instructions

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be stuck (dry and free of dust and grease). Apply adhesive thinly to one side; press in place. Can be washed out at 40?C.


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