Vanishing Point Fountain



Vanishing Point Metallic Collection

Inspired by color, contrast, and modern design, Pilot is introducing an exciting new Vanishing Point Fountain Pen Collection in a radiant spectrum of dramatic barrel colors with metallic finishes: Mountain Blue, Valley Green, Tropical Purple, Copper Red, and Desert Orange. The lustrous metallic finish catches the light and captures your imagination. To emphasize the rich color saturation of the barrels, Vanishing Point Metallic pens feature stealthy matte black accents. An 18-karat gold nib finished with a special black ion coating completes the look without affecting writing performance. Whether at work or on the go, you will always leave a lasting impression with Vanishing Point Metallics.

  • Nib retracts completely with just a click, hidden trap door prevents drying out
  • Durable metal barrel with eye-catching, lustrous metallic finish
  • Stealthy matte black accents emphasize the rich color saturation of the barrels
  • 18-karat gold nib with black-ion coating coordinates with pen accents
  • Packaged in an elegant gift box with 1 pre-filled blue ink cartridge and 1 Pilot Con-50 twist-converter


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