Extra-strong and particularly fast-acting double-sided adhesive tape for permanently mounting and affixing objects in indoor areas. White. Provides a permanent and secure hold an almost all smooth surfaces, e.g., metal, tiles, plastic, glass and painted wood. Ideal for mounting mirrors, holders, signs, hooks, shelving elements, cable channels, decorative objects, decorative profiles, and much more. The simple alternative to screws and nails. Moisture-resistant.

Container Content
Tape roll/blister 1,5m x 19mm


Metal, wood, glass, plastic and ceramic.

Use and Handling Instructions

The surfaces to be glued must be firm, clean, dry, and free of grease and dust. Stick UHU DOUBLEfix?onto the object to be mounted without creating air pockets. Depending on the conditions of application (e.g., the quality of the surface, material and depth of the object), 2-cm strips of adhesive tape can hold up to 1 kg. Remove the protective film, precisely affix the object to the desired spot and press hard. The object is fully load-bearing after only 60 minutes.

Video of application


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