UHU extra ALL Purpose Adhesive

UHU ALL Purpose Adhesive extra, the unique non-drip, crystal-clear universal adhesive for clean assemblies. A gel that is ideal for use on vertical surfaces. Its adhesive film remains elastic and it does not wrinkle paper.

Also available in the specific, soft, pliable Flex+Clean plastic tube: clean, drip-free, easy to handle, ergonomic and durable.

Container Content
Tube 20g
Tube/Blister 31g
Tube 31g
Tube 125g
FLEX + CLEAN Tube 18g


Universal – glues wood, Plexiglas?, metal, glass, ceramic, leather, felt, kork, fabrics, cardboard, paper. Not suitable for PE, PP.

Use and Handling Instructions

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be stuck (dry and free of dust and grease). Apply the adhesive thinly to one side of the assembly – that’s it! For non-absorbent materials (e.g. ceramic, coated papers), apply to both sides of the assembly, leave to dry, re-apply and press the parts together


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