Universal construction adhesive for outdoor and indoor use with super fast immediate tack (>100 kg/m2) and very high final strength. Solvent-free and odour free.

Container Content
Tube 200g
Cartridge 440g


Glues and mounts elements in wood, stone, porous concrete, ceramic, gypsum, cork, PVC, ABS, Styrofoam?, PU-rigid foam etc. to various materials, e.g. concrete, wood, gypsum, cork, bricks, load-bearing plaster and paintwork. Ideal for mounting house numbers, name plates, batten structures, panels, moulding bars and base boards, insulating and dry wall panels, wooden wall coverings, clothing hooks, curtain rails, tiles and more. Warning: one of the two surfaces must be porous.

Use and Handling Instructions

Surfaces must be capable of loading, dry and free of dust and grease.

Apply in sinuous lines onto one side. Attach object to the chosen area, adjust the position and press firmly onto the surface. Heavy objects or objects under tension should be supported or fixed for approx. 12 h. Curing and full load capacity after approx. 24 h depending on material and temperature. The glue joint remains adjustable for a few minutes.


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